LEAK: Apex Legends character Wattson Tesla Trap Ability leaked

After the latest patch released by Apex Legends we have found a new leak for the upcoming legend Wattson that is Tesla Trap.

Who is Apex Legend’s Wattson?

The real name of Wattson is “Natalie Paquette”  She is the Daughter of Electrical Engineer Luc Paquette. All of her abilities roam around electricity.

She has an ability which indicates that she might be able to refill her or her teammate’s Shields.

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The new update has given a more clear vision of upcoming Legend “Wattson”.

The ability of legend in game files are stated as “Electric Fence”, it consists of two types of Electric Fence, First model is said to be fully constructed while other shows just the base.

We are not sure but this ability will might work as a trap around the map by combining both the models and creating an impenetrable electric barricade through which now one can pass this might be helpful when you are in between a fire fight and you have a sense of being knocked then this might help you as a wall of electric between you and your enemy.

A new string has been added in Apex legends Local files that states “Tesla Trap” death quote.

DEATH_TESLA_TRAP”                                                   “Perimeter Security

Sources and the quote itself says that this might work same as Caustics’s  gas traps but instead of using gas traps we will be using Electric. But we still not know that wether it can be used by teammates or it will also affect teammates.

The more strings for Wattson is being added in Apex legends game file so we might be able to see her soon or maybe in the upcoming updates.

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