League of Legends season 10 official start date of the 2020 competitive season is announced.

Riot Games have been sliding new updates bit by bit in-game for the players to keep enjoying the game.

Now, players can once again have the chance to grind in competitive games with the new season starting.

When does League of Legends Season 10 start?

The official League of Legends Twitter account has tweeted about the next season of League of Legends to start from 10, January 2020.

Along with the announcement of the new season they posted an image of Urgot with a caption “In five Days we break them” – many players are suggesting that this can be a teaser for new cinematic music video just like 2019’s “Awaken” which was released in January last year.

The start of the new season brings back the competitive scene of the game and now players can enjoy grinding ranks for hours and hours.

Players who have played preseason competitive games will now have a provisional rank immediately after playing their first placement match.

For those who haven’t played much during preseason should hop into some games before January 10.

The new patch update of the game will be released on January 8 – two days before the new season starts, it will also be featuring a new champion Sett.

When will professional leagues start?


The new season will also be bringing new different professional leagues with it.

The first League of the game will start on January 13 in China – Spring Season.

Over in the west, the LEC and LCS will start from January 24 and 25 respectively, while South Korea’s LCK doesn’t have the official start date with the KeSPA Cup.

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