League of legends next meta junglers in update 11.8 could be Morgana, Darius & Zed

When we think of junglers in the league of legends the first name that comes to our mind are Morgana Darius & zed but in this leagues update 11.8 overhauls these three could be the next meta junglers and few others have a chance.

Riot Games is experimenting a lot with jungles in recent updates they have tries to make jungles more appealing by widening champion diversity. However, the changes ended up falling flat, or not making it to live servers.

In season 11 riot is trying to make it more effective. They are some champions on the riot’s radar to take them out to the jungle. they might be Darius, Diana, Mordekaiser, Morgana, and Zed.

The changes are currently on the PBE and increased the damage to monsters significantly.

Darius Diana, mordekaiser and zed their bonus damage has been increased to 500% while their passive damage caps to monsters practically removed.

Morgana has also applied with the same changes his monsters damage has been increased to 130%-300%.

The changes have been applied to the league PBE which has divided many players. the quickest clearance of the jungle with the new junglers Is 2:55 Which is the fastest than the most junglers on the servers right now.

League of legends developers is carefully observing the new changes and most probably looking to put these changes into more users.

“None of these numbers are permanent and are all still subject to tuning as this is decently early in the PBE cycle,” developer ‘Phlox’ said on Reddit.

“The goal of these changes is to broaden the jungle pool by giving champions that are more broadly popular in all elos (especially lower elos) the ability to exist as junglers,” added ‘GalaxySmash’.

League of legend 11.8 is expected to be coming out on 14 April. These are not only changed to the jungle there are many more things to became out in an update.

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