Fortnite streamer Lazarbeam’s YouTube stream crashes on the biggest day of his career – during the launch of his very own Fortnite Icon Series skin, he has finally got his own icon pack after grinding for years in the game.


  • Lazabeam has recently received his own Fortnite Icon Series skin after years of grinding.
  • Unfortunately, during the launch of his icon series skin, his stream crashed.

Epic Games only gives this opportunity of having your very own Fortnite skin through
Fortnite Icon Series event to only a handful of streamers – who have been grinding since
a very long time and had made there way on top like Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins.

The young Australian streamer Lazarbeam is one of those top streamers, and after getting his
very own face in the game – he wanted to celebrate the launch of his “tradie” Fortnite skin with
his fans, so he started a stream uniting his community on “the biggest day of [his] Fortnite career.”

Unfortunately, everything went wrong – viewers started pouring in and it kept rising and rising but his internet died and Lazarbeam’s YouTube stream crashes during one of his most hype broadcasts.

“Internet went down on the biggest day of my Fortnite career,” he said on Twitter. “Still felt a lot of love today for my skin debut. Legit no internet problems for 12 months then this happened.”

He shared a picture of his stats of “crashed stream”, which reached nearly 150,000 concurrents on YouTube. The two-hour broadcast netted him nearly 8,000 new subscribers, and had a total watch time of nearly 200,000 hours.


Later, he thanked his fans for all the support despite the crash. “Today was a big day. It will be a very big week. Thanks for all the love,” he said before going live.

The Lazarbeam Fortnite Icon Series skin will be available in the Item Shop starting March 4, 2021. It will include a Lunch Break emote, as well as a Sledgehammer pickaxe to celebrate his roots as a tradesman before jumping into Fortnite.

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