Latest News: Marvel’s  Iron Man VR game revealed, Apple Launches Apple Arcade, Rainbow Six Siege, VR Coming To No Man’s Sky.

Iron Man VR Game Releasing in 2019.

Sony has officially revealed the “Iron Man”  video game for PS4. This game is made to be enjoyed in VR inside the game you are fighting enemies as playing the role of “Tony Stark” “The Iron Man”.

The game is being developed by Camouflaj, the developers of Republique.

You guys must be familiar that when Jarvis has evolved to became the Vision in “Avengers: Age of Ultron”. Tony has created a new virtual assistant called Friday.

The game will be played in First-person and you will have to be careful and watch around with your Play Station Virtual Reality headsets to look around as strike can come from any direction.

Marvels’ Spiderman was amazing in terms of gameplay and graphics we hope the same for Marvel’s Iron Man. Iron Man can be released anytime in 2019 so stay tuned for future updates.

Apple Arcade: Apple Exclusive Game Pass.

Apple has launched its new game subscription service called Apple Arcade.

Apple Arcade is not like Google’s Stadia. The Idea of Apple Arcade is very simple and straightforward, Basically, it is the IOS version of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass where you pay a monthly price in order to get access to a number of games.

There will be more than a hundred of games exclusive for IOS, there will also be some games which are announced for consoles but when they come for mobile devices they will only be exclusive to IOS.

What is the benefit of Apple Arcade?

  1. You don’t pay for each game individually
  2. No Ads
  3. No In-App Purchase (You get all content of game unlocked once you pay the subscription fee)
  4. Accessible both Offline & Online

Apple has contacted with the developers to create games which will be exclusive only for IOS devices. Its not just that they will provide you what is already their in their app store with some subscription charges instead they are actually helping developers to create the game.

The price of the subscription is still not known.

Rainbow Six Siege Players want Pinging system like Apex Legends.

Recently, Apex Legends has take over the Battle Royale market with its futuristic gameplay.

One of the new thing that Apex legends brought into the Battle Royale was one button pinging system in which the AI automatically detects what you are pinging and ping it for other teammates unlike PUBG in which you had to choose from a menu.

After, this new pinging system the subreddit of Siege has been flooded with the request of pinging system like “Apex Legends”, and Ubisoft is liking the Idea.

Some of the players are still unflavoured because games like Rainbow Sig Siege needs faster callouts and in these many years players have a developed their own way of communication through maps. Some of them thinks that expansion the ping system will cause a distraction inside the game.

We do favour the expansion of Ping System because it would be easier for some of the players who don’t use mic or have problem with their mics to communicate with other teammates.

Virtual Reality coming to No man’s sky.

An upcoming update for No Man’s Sky will be featuring Virtual reality function. Other than this a version of No Man’s Sky beyond Online will also be updated.

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