Kit’s Cantina is the newest POI added in the game and here is its exact location in Fortnite, the fancy name is inspired from one of Star Wars location.

December 2020 was the beginning of a new season in Fortnite, launching with a spectacular
bounty hunter’ theme which was then followed by the introduction of one of the most famous
characters of the internet: The Mandalorian.

The pop star has been part of the game from a very long time, his first appearance was during
Disney+ Star Wars spin-off of the same name. And since then he can be constantly seen in the
game both in the form of a Boss fight and an unlockable skin.

However, it is not all there are many more Mandalorian theme events comping up in the game,
recent v15.30 update has added not a Mando’s Bounty LTM, and also an entirely new point of
interest on the map that’s been inspired by a popular Star Wars location.


Where to find Kit’s Cantina in Fortnite

Before getting on to the location of Kit’s Cantina in Fortnite here is a quick summary on where
it is from, the new POI is based on the iconic Mos Eisley Cantina from the Star Wars movies.

Kit’s Cantina is located in the sand-covered area at the center of The Island. It’s not a named location on the map, but you can find it on a cliff edge northwest of Hunter’s Haven and northeast of Weeping Woods.

Here is the exact location of Kit’s Cantina in Fortnite:


At the POI you will multiple things relating to The Mandalorian, including various loot chests,
and the pop icon himself walking nearby.

Need a break from the hunt? Stop by Kit’s new cantina on The Island, located in the desert. Your name is already legendary there,” reads the official POI description from Epic Games.

Interior of Kit’s new cantina

This is not all, apparently there is a instrument hidden somewhere in that place which has
a ‘play’ command. However, it does not do anything right now – speculations says that it will
be part of of a weekly challenge in the coming weeks, before Season 5 ends on March 15.

Lastly, if you are packing up to drop on the location – be prepared for fights from the boss
The Mandalorian himself and also the players who are visiting the place.

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