Apex Legends popular map Kings Canyon is removed from the game, the map started showing multiple errors on the server after the release of the 1.91 update.

On March 14, Apex Legends developers released a small update across all platforms available right now, because it was a minor patch there was no patch note.

However, the patch was not as stable as it should be, the game started kicking out players from the match with a server error message. And it was soon clear that there was something wrong with the “minor patch” note.

The reason behind this sudden server crash was said to be because of Caustic’s town takeover on the map, with servers crashing as soon as his gas was released.

The issue was not as minor as the patch, players over all platforms were getting affected by the issue, although they were still able to join in the match but were not able to finish it.

A few hours later, Respawn acknowledged the issue, and confirmed they were working on a fix, but players would have to sit tight.

And at last, developers decided on a strategy and removed Kings Canyon from Apex Legends till they work on the fix.

However, there is no statement on how long will it take for Kings Canyon to get re-enabled in the game, it may be re-enabled in just a couple of days or might take a whole week.

And that means that right now players have only two maps to play on that is Olympus and Storm Point with World’s Edge out for at least the entirety of Season 12.

Apart from this issue, Respawn is also working on many other bugs and issues in the game.