Twitch streamer KiaraaKitty video goes viral of her discussing a bikini stream to raise money for her stay in Singapore which then takes a turn into roasting Twitch “simp” ban.

Recently Twitch officials updated their “Hateful Conduct” policy – banning a list of words including
words like ‘simp,’ ‘virgin,’ and ‘incel’ after which streamers started outraging and roasting Twitch
for such move.

According to officials this new policy will be live from January 21, 2021 but after such outrage from
streamers they did released a statement clarifying misunderstandings regarding this policy change
saying that it is not a “blanket ban” on the words when used in “casual banter.” However, it also did not went well.

Streamers are now being extra careful and avoiding using these words however, KiaraaKitty  has went
viral for her hilarious way of avoiding the buzzword.

KiaraaKitty Bikini Stream Discussion

In the video she discusses that she needs $2000 to pay for the mandatory two-week hotel stay at the start of her trip, with the fee applying to any hotel she stays in – in order to return to Singapore.

She then reveals that she had set a sub-goal, seen in the top right corner of her stream, and said
that she would later be doing a bikini stream to raise money.

However, when explaining exactly who she was predicting would be giving her money, she
was having difficulties finding any alternative words when trying to avoid words like ‘simp.’

“That’s why today I’m doing a bikini stream, to try to farm for… yeah we cannot say that anymore, the c-word, the s-word. So try to farm for…”

After a period of trying to think of any other word she could use instead, she eventually settled by saying “trying to farm for… h*rny motherf***ers. Oh no, we cannot say that too. I don’t know what to say okay, just try to farm.”

Later she did what exactly she promised – bikini stream and by the end of the stream she had managed
to raise $700 for her stay in hotel.

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