Kai Cenat sets a new Twitch subscriber record after beating Ninja’s 269,000 concurrent subscribers during a Subathon.

Throughout 2022 and 2023, Kai Cenat experienced significant rapid growth on Twitch.

His fast rise has seen him achieve immense popularity among internet users, and he’s now probably one of the top streamers on the platform, having been nominated for Streamer of the Year.

Kai recently started a subathon that will run the entire month of February. This has led to an enormous increase in subscriptions for the variety streamer, as planned.

The enthusiasm isn’t slowing down even after 27 days and having already achieved history.

Kai has now surpassed Ninja’s record for the second most Twitch subscribers ever.

Kai now has the second most subscribed Twitch channel of all time, trailing only Ludwig’s current record.

Ninja first set his record in April 2018. This was amid the peak of Fortnite’s popularity, and he was able to gain a total of 269,154 subscribers.

Kai cenat sets New Twitch Subscriber record


Nonetheless, Ninja’s record was broken three years later by Ludwig during his memorable subathon in April 2021.

Kai has since surpassed Ninja’s record (as of February 27) and is still rising. He is right now the second most subscribed Twitch channel, but he is still seeking to surpass his fellow competitors, aiming for the top spot with only very few days left in his subathon.

With Ludwig maintaining the all-time record on the platform with 283,066 Twitch subscribers, Kai still has a lot of work ahead of him, as he needs at least another 13,000 subs at the moment of writing.

With his subathon coming to an end on March 2, time is running out, but a final effort could send him over the finish line.

we will make sure to update this article about Kai Cenat setting a new twitch subscriber record once there subathon ends.