Streamer JustaMinx calls out Twitch for “unfair” ban that she received on her channel couple days ago because of using one of the newly restricted words “simp”.

JustaMinx is one of the most viewed streamer on the platform and have almost same number of
followers on other platforms also.

But, on December 17 she was banned by Twitch and her fans were at a shock and could not figure
out why does that happen until she herself reveals on Twitter that she has been banned for using
“hateful slurs or symbols,” explaining that she had used words such as ‘simp’ and ‘virgin’ in her broadcast.

After her announcemnt fans were quick enough to tag Twitch and ask them questions – why they have
banned her despite releasing a clarification notice that they won’t be “blanket banning” the words insted
they will use it as “casual banter,” and this new update was going to be live from January then why are
they banning streamers right now.

Well, the reason for JustaMinx Twitch ban has not been revealed from Twitch’s side but it certainly has
frustrated many viewers.

JustaMinx slams Twitch for “unfair” ban

From her other Twitter account Minx shares her side of clarification while comparing herself from
other Twitch streamer who showed adult content on live broadcast.

She says, “Twitch gave a 3 day ban to a girl who showed her whole p**** on stream but 7 days to me for sayings words that I didnt even mean in a hostile way.”

Minx then reveals her insecurity saying, “I’m obviously gonna wait out my sentence but it’s just a bit unfair. I hope I’m not gonna be a targeted streamer like Forsen and barry74 lmaoo.”

Barry74 is another Twitch “unfair” ban victim whose account has been banned for over 90 days while
another streamer got shorten length than him.

After the announcement of new rule streamers are being more cautious while using hateful words. Connect with us on Twitter for more gaming and influencer news.

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