Jinnytty is a Korean ‘just chatting’ streamer who recently broke down on Twitch viewers asking her to show more of her skin during Final Fantasy cosplay.

Jinny was doing a Final Fantasy cosplay when it all happened, she started streaming her
cosplay for her Twitch fans and later more people joined the broadcast.

But as more people started connecting the request became worse where many people
started asking her to ‘show more of her skin’.

After which Jinny started breaking down saying she was uncomfortable.

This became so worse that she had to take a moment of break and let ‘Esfand’ handle the stream for some moment.


Esfand took stand for Jinny and other streamers mentioning twitch chat not to bully Jinny
or any other streamers into doing things they do not want to.

“It’s cosplay,” he said while drawing around tifas picture. “It’s art. You do the art however you want to do it. It don’t matter. I swear to God you guys have problems.”

Jinnytty Cries over Twitch chat request to show more of her skin

After which, Jinnytty came back onto the stream full of tears and sobbing, and she also
called off the stream one hour early, because of his chat being ‘humiliating’.

“I’m not comfortable wearing something that is too exposing or revealing. You guys already know that I don’t like showing myself too much on stream.

“I was already doing this [dressing lightly], and then you guys were basically telling me to ‘show more’, ‘take the clothes off’. Why do you say that? It’s so humiliating.

“You guys say a lot of stuff, and troll me, and I don’t feel sh*t. However, this time, I don’t know why, but I tried to cosplay for stream, and I felt like so many people were telling me to just take more clothes off. I’m not your stripper dude.”

After this many of his chat members came forward to support her and she also didn’t wanted
to end the stream this way and asked her viewers to be more reserved in future streams.

“I’m just going to go rest. I’m going to turn off the stream. I don’t mind simps, but there is something that cannot be crossed. Just because I accept your jokes and everything doesn’t mean you can cross the line and say all these things.”

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