For those who want to have a relationship in the game world, this addon will come in handy. The minecraft love mod is known in the gaming community. Jenny will become a friend for Steve and will not refuse him anything. The character can communicate with the girl using a chat. Minecraft 1.21 and 1.20 players will never get bored in such a company.

Download Jenny Mod for Minecraft PE: find a girlfriend in the virtual world, learn how to communicate and interact with her, and expand the possibilities of the game!


The mod is created in such a way that a Minecraft PE 1.21 and 1.20 player does not need special skills to add an unusual character to his world. Just go to the inventory and select the desired spawn egg. It is easy to recognize by its unusual coloring. By creating Jenny, the player can start chatting and flirting with her.

By the way, there are no restrictions on the number of girlfriends, Steve can make friends with several mobs.


The main feature of the mod is a chat in which Minecraft 1.21 and 1.20 players can chat with a beauty. To ask a question or flirt, the user needs to approach the girl and click on the button that appears next to her.

There are various options in the chat menu. They allow players not only to talk to Jenny, but also to ask her to do some actions, for example, to dance.


There are already quite a lot of mobs in the game, many of which have appeared recently, for example, in minecraft version 1.21.0. But Jenny is unique for many reasons. Firstly, it is a girl. A new friend has a behavior script that allows her to communicate with the interlocutor, answer various questions and do a lot of interesting things.

The character has a pleasant appearance, beautiful clothes and a flower in his hair.


johnny perfectly diversifies the game. Her skills are far from other mobs that have been added in recent updates. It will not search for items like the Sniffer from minecraft 1.21.12 update. But it is always fun with this character. It is worth paying attention to additional items in the inventory. There will be a bed on which the player can lie down with the girl.

An interesting feature is that users can choose an outfit for a friend. There are two options in the menu, one of which involves the absence of clothes.

It is also worth noting the unique animation of the character, which allows Jenny to dance, show emotions, and move organically in the game world.