During one of his rant about males being a victim of sexual assault, xQc calls out Jenna for her past drama.

xQc is an ex-professional Overwatch player and a Twitch Streamer is famous for his rants.

Jenna Controversy

Jenna admits of sexually assaulting a man which turns out to be her male crush

On January 7, a clip went viral on the internet in which Jenna admits assaulting a man who is also her crush and friend.

“Six full months of the friend zone, one day I just got a crush on him and I don’t know why!” she said. “I ended up kissing him randomly, and he looked at me when I was trying to make out with him, and he said “this is weird” and denied me.”

The young streamer revealed this on stream, then she also mentioned how she got her away threating the man.

The clip went viral on Reddit, and of course, people started scolding her.

Then a few hours later the young streamer appears on one of her fellow streamers Hasan Piker’s stream to reveal her side of the story.

“He looked at me and said “this is weird!” and I was like [shocked], and I rolled over and I crossed my arms and I was like super upset, and I’m like “I’m gonna tell my stream!”,” she explained. “And he’s like “K” and he comes over and he kisses me.”

Then she continued, “He told me later on, because I asked him ”why did you say this is weird?” because he had been making moves on me for a while, and he said it was because he was shocked because he thought he was friend-zoned!”. “I literally still talk to this dude to this day, he’s my best friend. I think I should have provided more context because we’ve been on and off for years.”

Then, later her ex-boyfriend -the same guy, appeared on her stream and cleared out all the situation.

xQc calls out Jenna for Sexual assault Controversy

But, it is still there in people’s mind and it keeps coming forward time and time again and the same happened recently when xQc was talking about hypocrisy surrounding males who have been victims of sexual assault.

xQc made reference to Jenna’s comment saying, “I’m not gonna say whose names, I have seen three instances of girls on Twitch that have literally admitted to doing actual sexual assault dude and people are saying lol,” the streamer started. “Dude, what the f**k is that? Motherf**ker, are you kidding me.”

Then he continued, “That one girl (Jenna) even said it and then she said ‘yeah dude, what a p**sy, he didn’t accept my advances, what a p**sy’. What? Can you imagine dude, role reversal? I’m not gonna do a reverse of roles but reverse the roles dude. Can you imagine a male going on stream and saying ‘Yo dude, there’s this girl dude yeah and I was touching her hair dude and grabbing her dude and she wasn’t into it, yikes, what a p**sy dude’ like, what the f**k.”

Then he finished the rant saying, “Dude, you say that dude and you can’t even finish your sentence before the FBI is f**king rolling in and f**king rappelling through your f**king doorways man.”

After that Chat went mad with everybody spamming Jenna in the comment, and the young streamer left the controversy there and again started focusing on the game.

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