Jeffree Star and Kanye West affair is the hot topic on the internet after TikToker Ava Louise releases video speculating Kanye’s involvement in an affair with some “Beauty Guru”.

Beauty YouTuber Jeffree Star has been part of many dramas and controversies in the past and now
he is again part of new controversy but this time it is different, the accusations are very big.

This all happens after his now-former Maddie Taylor quits his job and both of them unfollows each
other on Instagram.

But now fans have taken the speculation one step forward believing that Jeffree Star is involved in an affair and this includes big names of the internet – Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Is Kanye West having an affair with Jeffree Star?

This drama starts with TikToker Ava Louise  dropping video on her TikTok discussing the
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian divorce situation, and fans are now speculating that Jeffree
have some involvement in this drama.

Ava points out in her video that “Kanye’s been hooking up with a very famous beauty guru, male beauty guru, a lot of people in the scene have known for a while.”

Ava then shares a second video duetting her first one claiming that she “was told by a source – a very good one” about the affair.

The YouTuber has mentioned in several videos that his former Calabasas mansion was a stone’s throw away from the iconic rapper’s home, and Kanye’s recent divorce from Kim Kardashian has left fans speculating.

Ava’s video is the only fuel to this rumor as there are no more such videos revealing this secret,
and this has left fans with a lot of questions so they have taken it to the one place where you can
ask questions directly to the person involved, “Twitter”.

One fan tweets that “there’s no way the Kanye West and Jeffree Star thing is real, right?”

Then, another users shares the iconic meme gif with caption “when Kim came home early,”

Some fans also highlights old tweets of both the celebrities.

So, this all left us wondering – “is it true” or just a prank, well we have to wait to know what
is really going on between three. To stay updated follow us on Twitter.

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