On March 21 Jatie Vlogs pulled a prank on fans on YouTube. But the prank made many viewers upset.

After receiving a lot of criticism from subscribers, they finally explained why they did it.

They posted a video “we are breaking up. not moving together” on March 21, after proposing to each other in November 2019, the couple were planning to move in together.

In the 10-minute long video, they discussed every point of why they are breaking up and why it is not working between them.

They ended their video saying that the journey is on pause and still not over.

Turns out that they were joking and wanted to prank their viewers.

After that, both of them received a lot of dislikes and criticism from fans around the world.

In support of their “prank statement,” they said that they did because a lot of their viewers wanted to.

Jatie Vlogs explains the reason behind breaking up prank

“If you were upset, I’m sorry. A lot of you guys wanted this and we just wanted to do what you guys wanted,” said Betzing. “We hope you guys take this lightly because it wasn’t meant to be too serious.

“With that being said…you probably hate us right now for pranking you,” added Brueckner. “We’re sure you guys have sent so much love our way right now, and we appreciate guys for being so supportive.”

According to Jatie Vlogs they have spent a lot of time indoors because of all this Lockdown thing going on.

And they wanted to “give back to the community” by playing a little joke on them.

But they never thought that this would go so wrong as looking at the support they got from their past pranks.

Jatie Vlogs say they did it because their fans “wanted it”

“We just posted our empty house tour video, they’re all expecting the moving in video ⁠— let’s mess with them,” Betzing said. “Let’s move in together, and kind of ‘take a break.’”

“It’s fun to prank you guys. You watch us prank each other, our friends, our family ⁠— you watch us prank everybody, so it’s about time you guys got pranked,” added Brueckner.

According to critics they did all this to gain views as both of these videos has crossed over 4million views.

And both of them are in the trending list, but the couple has completely dismissed the statement.

The couple stood on their point that they did this because their fans “wanted it”.

“You can, clear as day, see the comments that were like ‘prank us’ ⁠— [our fans] have been begging us.” – Betzing said

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