Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib Press conference details of the boxing match which was supposed to happen at the end of January has finally been revealed.

The official date for the boxing match of two YouTubers Jake Paul and AnEsonGib is scheduled for January 30 in Miami, Florida.

A little back story how they got here.


After the fail attempt to fight on the Ksi vs Logan Paul rematch – Where KSI won over Logan paul

Then logan paul’s younger brother challenged fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib for the boxing match.

But the conference date of the two YouTubers boxing match was not revealed until January 3

When Op Entertainment an influencer management company revealed the details of Press Conference

Including the time, date and streaming information of the event.


What time will Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib press conference go live?

As revealed by the company the conference event is scheduled for Wednesday,  January 8.

And live streaming will start at 1 PM PST & 9 PM in UK.

So there is less than a week left before the face-off of the two YouTubers and no one can predict what gonna happen as they will come face-off, there is already a lot of insulting comments being passed on between the two.

Where to watch the Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib press conference?


The January 8 press conference will be live both on AnEsonGib’s Youtube channel as well as on combat sports streaming platform DAZN.

It seems like Jake Paul is completely focused on his upcoming match as recently he got separated from his wife Tana Mongeau and on January 1 Logan Paul also tweeted that jake was “locked away” in California for training during Christman, New year and even on his birthday.

Whereas, Gib says that he is carrying the entire fight on his own.

Jake Paul is fully motivated for this fight after the loss of his brother to KSI back in November and starts this year and his boxing career with a bang.

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