Jake Paul, a YouTuber turned boxer, has established his final requirements for the KSI fight, which is expected to occur in 2023.

After years of build-up and excitement, KSI and Jake Paul will finally meet in the ring.

Following KSI’s victory over Temperrr on January 14, the two YouTube sensations are closer than ever to a fight, with discussions underway.

Both sides are obviously eager to exchange punches. However, KSI has confirmed that he will fight one more time this year before confronting Paul in the ring.

The younger Paul brother, on the other hand, has spelled forth a major requirement if the battle is to take place in the UK in a January 15 tweet.

“When I fight in the UK it will only be if it’s sanctioned by @BBBofCuk,” he wrote. “That’s the governing body of pro-boxing in the UK.”

Moreover, Paul has criticized the British YouTube sensation, pointing out that KSI thinks he is still the “A-side” in the fight, although admitting that battling Jake is his ultimate aim.

“When you repeatedly admit your career is based on reaching me as the final level, the final point, you are acknowledging that I am the A-side,” he said. “Same for me when I reach Canelo as my final level. Canelo is the A-side.”

Jake claims that each time he easily defeats another opponent, the Brit gains more confidence to fight beside him.

The two are likely to battle toward the end of the year, with KSI indicating that the match could take place in December or November.

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