Twitch Streamer ItsPinkie is banned on Twitch following her “testing new policies” stream with a week’s worth of bikini streams. Twitch does not, in fact, have any ‘new’ policies, however, the stream earned them a ban nonetheless.

Twitch has a very strict set of rules and policies that broadcasters are expected to follow, but sometimes certain circumstances fall into gray areas. in a pool, beach or hot tub.

They became so popular on Twitch that the platform even launched a “Pools, Hot Tubs and Beaches” category, much to the dismay of some viewers.

However, many streamers would wear a bikini or beachwear and subsequently face bans, leading to some debate over where the line goes.


ItsPinkie banned on on Twitch

This is something streamer Pinkie wanted to put to the test to kick off May 2022, with a week’s worth of bikini streams.

“Was planning on doing bikini streams for the rest of the week to see if Twitch’s new policy on it would mean I’d get banned, turns out it did,” she said in the May 3 tweet. “Got 3 day banned already.”

While Pinkie only has to wait a few days to get back on the platform, not being able to stream doesn’t seem to bother her too much. The policy she tested is still unclear as there are no new Twitch policies. regarding bikini shows.

However, one of the people who responded to the tweet above said they were concerned he was “showing too much” and violating Twitch’s policy on nudity and sexually suggestive content.

While Twitch doesn’t comment on individual bans, Pinkie believes her bikini is being aired as the reason for her ban.

In 2021, Pinkie was banned after a bizarre clip of her “queefing” went viral on stream, prompting her to say society needs to “normalize front butt bloat.”