ITALIRSX and 12 other upcoming GTA online vehicles leaked

GTA online Cayo Perico Heist update has leaked 13 upcoming vehicles including the legendary “ITALIRSX” and many more long-awaited cars.

Rockstar always adds a whole new bunch of vehicles, weapons and other stuff in their every major
update and Cayo Perico Heist update is no different from them.

The Perico update is the annual winter patch which every player waits eagerly for – this year they are
getting a new heist to complete and whole bunch of new vehicles but apparently Rockstar has only
added only six as of now.

However, according to sources, there is a bunch of upcoming GTA online vehicles leaked from the
heist files and here are the schedule of release for the same.

Reliable Grand Theft Auto leaker FoxySnaps reveals that there are 13 additional vehicles to those that have already been released in the Cayo Perico update.

This includes one for the Legendary Motorsport’s – a supercar known as the ITALIRSX – another
five for Southern San Andreas Super Autos, and seven from the Warstock Cache and Carry.
The latter of which will include a mini-submarine, another boat, and a helicopter.

Here are all the images for 13 upcoming vehicles make sure to select one that suits for you so you can buy it when it becomes available in-game.

As for when they’ll be released, we’ve already noted that they’ll come on a drip feed system,
so the weekly updates should make them available over time.

FoxySnaps has dropped what he believes will be the release schedule for each vehicle stop –
with the wait seemingly being on for the Verus quadbike and the Slamtruck.

Rockstar Games has not released any official statement on this topic yet so take this information with
a grain of salt, we can only wait until these becomes available for purchase in-game.

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