IShowSpeed Joins the NPC TikTok Craze: The new NPC TikTok trend is going viral all over the world and it has made iShowSpeed jump on the trend.

TikTok has exploded with the latest fad of influencers seeking to put on their best NPC impression for massive sums of money. The NPC kink, or fetish, as some call it, gained popularity after 19-year-old TikToker Pinkydoll began eating ice cream emoticons and saying “gang gang.”

The way in which the NPC trend works is that TikTok live streamers earn money when viewers send in stickers. These stickers are what caused Pinkydoll and other influencers to act as a kind of soundboard, giving a reaction based on what sticker they were sent. Pinkydoll revealed that this form of entertainment is wildly lucrative, and therefore, many others have hopped onto the bandwagon in the hopes of making some fast cash.

However, the NPC trend has also sparked a heated debate among critics and viewers alike. While some argue that it is a harmless and entertaining way for content creators to engage with their audience, others raise concerns about the authenticity and creativity of these live streams.

Critics argue that relying solely on viewer stickers limits the scope of content and reduces the streamer to a mere puppet, devoid of originality and genuine interaction.

Additionally, there are concerns about the potential exploitation of influencers who may feel pressured to constantly perform and cater to the demands of their audience in order to maintain their financial success.

IShowSpeed Joins the NPC TikTok Trend Craze

Speed, on the other hand, had some uniqueness in his routine. The streamer reacted to various emojis, such as weights by pretending to lift weights, flowers by thanking the user, hearts by drawing a love heart above his head, and others.

IShowSpeed joins the NPC TikTok Trend, Speed did all this whilst pretending to walk on the spot, leaving a form of blank face to simulate that of a non-playable character in a game.

No one knows how much IShowSpeed profited from his recent NPC incursion, but based on stickers that appeared during the show, some have guessed between $20,000 and $35,000.

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