iShowSpeed Cristiano Ronaldo Tattoo: He was left in shock after his tattoo artist showed him his brand new tattoo, leaving him to ask who it was.

iShowSpeed has grown into one of the world’s most beloved streamers, bringing his massive fan base to YouTube after just being banned from Twitch in 2021.

He’s succeeding on YouTube, however, and is sometimes referred to as one of the greatest broadcasters on the internet nowadays, owing partly to his obsession with former Manchester United and Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo, on whom he has based a lot of his video and even produced a song.

He adores Ronaldo so much that he wanted to get a tattoo of him and Livestream it for his viewers to witness — but he didn’t expect to be pranked by his tattooist of all people.

iShowSpeed Cristiano Ronaldo Tattoo

Speed yelled “who is this?” after a few moments of staring between both the sample picture of Ronaldo given and the tattoo on his forearm, plainly astonished by what he thought was a horrible tattoo now permanently buried on his skin.

Finally, after looking like he was ready to cry, the tattoo artist said “Hey bro, I’m just f**king with you, it’s not done. We doing pranks, right?”

Speed was clearly ecstatic to learn that it wasn’t finished yet, adding that they “scared the f**k” out of him, and the Livestream wrapped with the Youtuber pleased with the overall result.

Speed couldn’t stop himself from hitting a large trademark “SUI” and kissing his new tattoo, with a message to Ronaldo that said, “You’re now a part of me for life.”

Who is iShowSpeed?

The real face behind the IShowSpeed YouTube channel is Darren Watkins Jr. During the pandemic, he began making videos on games and aspects of his daily life, unaware that his channel would garner millions of views and subscribers. Darren is a 15-year-old American kid from Ohio who was born on January 21, 2005. He has two younger siblings and spent his entire youth in his hometown.

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