YouTuber and Fortnite tips and tricks master SypherPK reveals his best Fortnite landing spot in Season 5.

Fortnite gives players multiple landing spots to drop on – many more were added in Season 5 but most
of the time players get confused while choosing where to land, these landing spots also attracts a lot of
early match gunfights.

In Season 5 there are many new landing spots like Salty Towers, Dirty Docks, and the classic Retail Row
each of them have their unique advantages and disadvantages.

However, despite having these many options players sometimes gets confused while choosing which
is the best place to land – this all comes down to mainly two or three points.

  1. How many loot chests are their in that area
  2. What is the loot quality

But according to SypherPK Ali there is only one place which never disappoints any player.


Best Fortnite landing spot in Season 5 according to SypherPK?

In his video SypherPK sends his character into the Zero point at the middle of the map and instead of
landing nearby he goes right inside it “When you go into the Zero Point, this happens,” he said. His
character vanished, and the screen turned into a blue wormhole.

“This is actually the first time I’ve ever been through the Zero Point,” he added. “You get 50 shield, and you get thrown down here.” The extra shield is a handy boost to start off with, but that’s not all. There are still some treasure chests to plunder.

Moving on the Zero Point then sends him floating down into the barren wasteland below. It has large jagged rocks, purple crystals, and some decent loot. “Underneath, ladies and gentlemen, there’s three chests… and a bunch of extra loot,” he said.

“And let’s say, for example, you didn’t get any shields for that, you can just come right up here after this, and there is always gonna be a Slurp Truck here,” he said. He walked over a dune and towards a van down by the river. “And there’s more loot around the way.”

Well, because of being in the middle of the map there is already so much competition and early game
fight, after this trick reveal the competition is going to be much bigger.

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