Activision has recently teased all of its CoD mobile fans with a photo for an upcoming new map in CoD Mobile and this one is iconic because it is coming all the way from 2009.

CoD Mobile was released back in October 2019 featuring maps from all different section of
games from Call of Duty franchise.

It is the first-ever mobile battle royale game from the franchise and it is way more unique
than it’s rivals in the market like PUBG Mobile & Free Fire.

Players get to play a number of maps from different CoD games like, “Crash, Crossfire, and Killhouse from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Firing Range, Hijacked, and Nuketown from Black Ops – and Standoff from Black Ops 2”.


Well it looks like Activision is not going to stop only at this because recently Activision teased
players with an image of the most iconic map from the franchise.

New CoD Mobile Modern Warfare map “Rust”

On April 11, the official CoD Mobile twitter handle “PlayCoDMobile” tweeted an image of the deserted looking map and the caption of the image was kept very simple “if you know, you know” and also it says “coming soon”.

As soon as the image showed up on Twitter many fans guessed it right away well some was
still in the confusion of what this post means.

This was the image for the iconic “rust” map.

The map was first released in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. And since then Rust has
become the most favourite map of many CoD fans.

Later the map went under some changes and was featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
and then in Modern Warfare season 2.

However, Till now each and every map in CoD Mobile is released in its original form and this
might be the same case with Rust and we can get to play the map from the original Modern
Warfare 2.

Although the launch date is still unclear and we will notify you once we acknowledge the date.

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