Fortnite Doomsday device final location is supposed to be under The Agency as data miner finds out a new terrain under The Agency.

Season 2 is coming to an end and Epic Games are doing many new changes,
activating countdown timer, activating hatches and now a new leak reveals
that Fortnite Doomsday device final location can be under The Agency.

However, Doomsday Device has been sitting in Mida’s room under construction
for a very long time and everyone believe that it will be its final location from where
Mida’s will activate it, but now it is not the case, here is everything we know about
this new location.


Fortnite Doomsday device final location?

After Fortnite’s 12.60 update, data miner has found a new terrain under The
Agency the new terrain perfectly lines up with the fountain out front of the Point of Interest (POI).

Moreover, there are bubble underneath the fountain pool and old hatches now
have new blank space, all of these little changes are assembling up for a big

What will happen after the device activates?

Well, we can not say anything in particual but there are many theories around the
community and the most logical one is that after the Doomsday device activates
all the skins/players on the island will shift to another new island through these

The new blank space on the hatches can mean that those are hollow and can
be used as a medium of transport, secondly the bubbles underneath the
fountain suggests that when he countdown will hit zero on the timer it will
open up and the device will emerge from underneath it.

One player suggestss “I think it’s possible that the middle fountain/pool is going to open up to reveal the Doomsday Device underneath,”

Data miners have also confirmed that hatches have been activated and water is draining out from them.

Anyhow none of these are confirmed so take them with a grain of salt and
keep your eyes wide open because as we move close to the end of season 2
every small change on the map matters.

The Doomsday event is set to kick into gear on May 30 at 20:05 CEST, 5 days earlier before Season 2 ends.