Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar can be your next big Twitch streamer to leave the platform and join its rival broadcasting platform Mixer.

Recently, summit teased his audience with an announcement that “one of the biggest moments of his life is just around the corner” and many fans are suspecting that it could be his transition from Twitch to Mixer.

2019 has witnessed a lot of big streamers making this change like “Shroud” & “Ninja”.

Summit1g has influenced many players by his stream and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that he revived “GTA RP” in the community.


Whereas, games like Sea of Thieves and Escape from Tarkov received a good amount of players after the Ex-CSGO Pro started streaming these games on his Stream.

Following the same, on his January 31, broadcast he seemed to have given a hint about his transition he didn’t say it openly but through his gesture, one can easily guess.

He started his stream, as usual, taking some questions from his donators, but things started to heat up when one of his donators asked him about his future plans on YouTube content.

Summit1g Shifting from Twitch to Mixer?

That is where he put some pieces about his future plans of leaving Twitch and joining Mixer.

“Right now, probably one of the biggest moments of my life is happening somewhat soon so, little nervous about everything,” he said. “Good times to be had boys, don’t worry, just trust me like you always have and everything is going to be alright.”

Right after the upper clip ends he talks about his relationship with Twitch.

“It’s just scary stuff, you know. Twitch turned into a scary world. It was my place of like (makes a hand gesture), and it still is for me, but it’s also a place of stress now.”

The confirmation is yet to come about whether he will be shifting from Twitch to Mixer.

When someone from Chat asked if he will be following shroud and Ninja on Mixer – he just swerved the question entirely.

As from Summit1g’s statement, one thing is clear that whatever he is up to, we won’t have to wait long to know about it.

Well, another thing is when streamers like Summit1g and Shroud, Ninja and whosoever leaves Twitch that means the platform is not what it was before the mixer.

We will keep you informed of any further news comes regarding this.

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