If you are also looking for an answer to the question “is rebirth island coming to Warzone 2?” then you have come to the right spot in this article we will let you know all the details about the update.

Rebirth Island was part of the original Warzone map group as a small part of Season One content for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

However, as the original Warzone is now being called Warzone Caldera the original map is missing from the rotation.

Rebirth Island was a small-competitive map, a play zone where players usually end up in close quarters rather than in long-range fights.

Because of these qualities of the map, it was almost every player’s favorite map to level up guns and grind out attachments.

Similarly, players of Warzone 2 are also looking for the same adrenaline rush from the close quarters and are wondering whether they will get to play Rebirth Island again or not.

So here is everything we know about the return of Rebirth Island in CoD Warzone.

When is Rebirth Island coming to Warzone 2?


At the time of writing this article, there is still no announcement or confirmation from any of the officials from Warzone 2 regarding the return of Rebirth Island or any other map addition, or any new game modes to the game.

Unfortunately, until any official announcement from the developer players can either play the regular BR or on DMZ, the new extraction-based mode that pits Operators against AI enemies and other squads. While this mode has been praised by the community, those wishing to leave Al Mazrah and play on other Warzone maps don’t currently have much of a choice.

As the game is pretty new to the market, the developers are trying everything to clear out bugs and glitches from the game and also provide new content to the Al Mazrah.

So, whether the Rebirth Island or any old map ever come back to the game still remains a mystery.

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