is Pokimane single? – this is the most asked question about Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys. And she has been very private about her relationship status until March 9, yes she has revealed her current relationship status on Twitter.


  • Viewers always bother Pokimane by asking her one single question every time that is whether she is taken or not.
  • On March 9, in a tweet, she revealed her relationship status, finally.

Pokimane is one of those streamers who like to keep their streaming and personal
life apart. And in the past, we have witnessed many instances where she has gone to
a great length just to keep her personal life private.


However, people still keep asking her about her relationship status and she has been
fed up with this question at a level where she herself has finally revealed that she is not
taken and that Pokimane is not in the dating scene right now in a Tweet on March 9.

“Single btw,” Pokimane said, straight to the point.

Moving on she also clarifies if she is looking for someone or not. “not looking, [but] just tired of seeing the same question and assumption over and over.”

Apparently, her two words relationship status has gone viral in a couple of hours.
Her original tweet has more than 200,000 likes in five hours and the other tweet
has started a whole new trend the “single btw” trend.

After her tweet, many other streaming personalities have also shared their relationship
including Peter Park, LuLuLuvely, LilyPichu, and TommyInnit.

She also shares her views on keeping why she has kept her personal and private life
apart since the beginning of her streaming career.

“I personally made the decision seven years ago when I got into streaming that I don’t want my personal life to be part of my content,” she told fans back in August 2020. “That’s what I’m going to stick by until I, or whoever I’m dating, at whatever time, decides otherwise.”

“For me, this also creates a healthier divide between my work life and my personal life ⁠— which is an area where the lines are already pretty blurred.”

Now as that she has finally revealed her relationship status, it will be interesting
to see what next question does her chat starts asking to bother her, because it is
an inescapable loop.

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