Twitch streamer Ludwig could not stop thinking that he might be the reason behind the Disguised Toast Twitch ban after he watches a video of him telling the streamer to watch anime.

Disguised Toast has been banned on the amazon owned platform on January 10 due to live streaming anime to his viewers.

He is the second Twitch streamer to get banned in a single week following Pokimane for streaming TV Shows.

However, this comes out of surprise to his fans that Ludwig might be the reason behind the Disguised Toast Twitch ban.


Ludwig himself burst into laughter after watching an old clip from November 2021 when he appeared on an episode of the OfflineTV Podcast and encouraged him to watch anime.

“Did you guys see that Toast got banned?” said Ludwig. “This looks really bad.” He smiled when he heard himself say he wouldn’t get banned back because they have bigger fish to fry.

Evidently, that wasn’t the case. “Whoops,” he laughed. “Hey, at least now I know that when I give him advice, he’ll listen to me. So that’s cool, you know? Let’s just say I’m inspirational.” He also joked that it was “set up.”

“We literally outlined everything that’s about to happen. We set this all up. Everything is working as expected. This is scripted. Everyone is freaking out about the Toast ban like we didn’t plan it two months ago.”

 The part of the video starts at 6:32.

This is not the first time when Ludwig has given someone advice that led them to the ban.

“I remember taking some blame for getting Amouranth and IndieFoxx banned,” he said. “I directly am the reason Zane got banned. If you remember, I made him change his name to Meatspin, and then he got banned on Twitch.”

However, watching anime was Toast’s personal decision.