Is Jerika back together? Jake Paul and Erika Costell have not been together for more than one year but a recent video on YouTuber’s channel has sparked some rumours about the couple getting back together.


  • Jake Paul and Erika Costell started dating back in 2017 but has not been together since December 2018.
  • A recent video of Jake “Taking Erika on Date” has sparked the rumour that Jerika is back together.

YouTuber Jake Paul and Erika Costell was one of biggest celeb couples back in 2017,
there fans were also loving both of them being together and showed their love through
tremendous number of views and likes on their posts and videos.

The couple has also released a music video “JERIKA” which was a hit all thanks to their massive fan base.

However, this dreamy ride did not go for too long, in November 2018 Jake announced
the split after a Shane Dawson documentary about the embattled YouTuber released. Later,
in December same year he stated that he has some plans to save the relationship.

But in 2021, there’s been indications that the two social media stars could find a way back to each other after Paul’s been “unblocked,” as he mentions it.

(Clip starts at 15:39 for mobile viewers)

However, it is still not clear ether both of them are together or not but Jake’s video
“I Took Erika On A Date (Jerika Reunites).” has already sparked speculations in fans.

In a March 3 upload, Paul gave a look at his and Erika’s 2021 kayaking trip which showed the two closely apart. While the footage cut doesn’t show the two interact much at all, this comes on the heels of more sightings with the two together.

On February 28, Jake tweeted a video of him and Erika riding in the backseat of a car when they got a bit playful with each other.

After four years of their relationship, their latest trip together has been lighting up the
comments section for a possible new relationship.

“I’m almost 18, but ngl 14 year old me is LIVINGGG for this,” on YouTube commenter said.

“It’s actually nostalgic to see them together, back then remembering the good old times 3-4 years ago when YouTube was awesome and life was good. Makes me feel sad to what we have come to now but I feel good watching old stuff and being nostalgic. Hoping best for the future,” another said.

In his video Jake jokingly talks about being “single for life,” but we hope that both
of them gives there relationship an another try.

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