Everyone is wondering if FaZe Rain is leaving the org after his recent tweet threat about Cbass. So, here is everything we know about the issue.

FaZe Rain has sparked up a controversy in the community after publicly threatening to leave the organization unless the org kicks out Cbass.

FaZe Rain and Cbass both are OG members of the organization, where Rain has also been a prominent YouTuber and has been quiet on and off on the social media scene. However, he has been constantly updating his subscribers about his health and life situations.

Well, recently he made a public statement that seemed more like a threat to the organization where he is demanding the org to kick out their director of social media, Cbass.

Is FaZe Rain really leaving the org?

Rain reacted to an image post on the FaZe Twitter account where the post was sarcastically encouraging its fans to check out the photo description, this is a new accessibility feature on the social networking platform Twitter. The graphic description made a joke about FaZe Apex, noting, “Apex is short.”

However, Rain didn’t seem to find it any funny and In a reply, Rain tweeted: “Yeah, I’m leaving FaZe until we publicly kick CBass. F*cking loser.”

However, it is still unclear if FaZe Rain is joking about leaving the organization or if is it really true, well there is evidence of him not being happy with Cbass, wherein in an old YouTube video he claimed that Cbass was “part of the problem and why FaZe has been dying.”

“You have been compliant with every single person who has tried to hurt FaZe and sell FaZe out and make money off FaZe,” he said. “And you’ve done it for a salary and a position at FaZe that you feel comfortable with.”

Rain isn’t the only one who has been critical of FaZe’s present position; co-founder FaZe Banks has also been critical of the company’s direction, most notably accusing “corporate f*cks” of taking over the organisation in a tweet on April 15.

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