Corpse Husband has become a big name on YouTube but is Corpse Husband quitting YouTube? or When will he stream on Twitch? or will he ever? Well, his recent comments on this topic share good news for everyone asking this question.

Corpse Husband has become one of the most successful YouTubers in a short period of time after
his popularity boomed out in 2020, but many of his fans do not know that he also has a Twitch channel.

If you visit his channel you will find out that there is no content but it does have a huge following of
half a million users, the most accurate speculations are that he might have done that to patent his
name on the platform in case he has a change of mind in future. But When will Corpse Husband stream on Twitch for his fans.

Surely, he would not be quitting YouTube permanently or shifting his streaming platform but from Corpse Husband recent comments on the topic, it looks like he might be in plans for a surprise Twitch stream.


Corpse mentioned this idea of streaming on some other platform to his fans while playing Among Us live on stream. Initially, it sounded like he was all for it. However, he quickly talked himself out of it, or rather, played it down.

“Someday, I will stream on Twitch,” he said. “I checked it recently, and I had like 600,000 followers for some reason. I might go there to… I wanna have like a chilled… no, I could probably do that now.”

There is no confirmation on whether it was just a thought or does he really going to stream on Twitch. However, if something like that happens he is surely going to break multiple records.

Fans have been divided into two groups over the discussion, one group suggests that they do not
care whether it will be temporary or permanent – they just want to see him streaming on Twitch
while the other group of fans suggests that YouTube is his rightful home.

Anyhow, it is clear that he is not quitting YouTube but we will have to wait and see until he announces something solid about his Twitch plans, we will update you with further news so make sure to follow us on Twitch.

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