Marvel’s superhero Iron Man is working on new Fortnite Battle Bus in Season 4, as we move on with new season the superhero from the famous comic has started working on his plans to make the game better.

Battle Bus is part of the game since its release in 2017, it is a mean of
travel/landing for players onto their favourite spot on the map, where
other competitors of the game use individual pods, planes to deploy
players on the map, Fortnite has chosen to stick with its Battle Bus.

Since its implementation in the game, the Battle Bus has never got any
big changes done to it apart from saying thank you to the bus driver
there were no major changes, but it looks like Iron Man may have some
plans to upgrade the Battle Bus for players.


Iron Man is working on new Fortnite Battle Bus?

An “Upgraded Battle Bus” is the new name in files for the battle bus revealed from Fortnite update on Sep. 23. Thanks to prominent data miners ‘iFireMonkey’ and ‘HYPEX,’ we’re able to see just what this upgraded version looks and sounds like.

A new version of the bus texture features a bunch of added cabling all around. From wires along the sides to containers and miscellaneous tech on the roof, something big is in the works. It’s worth noting that this version on display was merely labeled “BusUpgrade1,” meaning that future upgrades could be on the way too.

There are also some adjustments made to bus sound effect,
it is a lot quieter now than the usual after take off sound maybe because
it is running on Stark’s Arc Reactor power source.

As of now, there is no confirmation on “when we can see these changes live”,
But it is for sure that Iron Man is already working on new Fortnite Battle Bus
and it is almost halfway done.

Also you can see the Battle Bus at workshop in Stark industries.

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