The newest game in Call of Duty genre is Black Ops Cold War and we already know when its first content is going to drop and merge with Modern Warfare, but players are left wondering what is going to happen to Modern warfare, however, a dev might have some information on Modern Warfare future plan.

Currently, Call of Duty Modern Warfare is in a very unstable situation,
Black Ops Cold War is out, Nuketown is on its way for free on Nov 24,
and the first content season is coming on Dec 10. BOCW is on schedule
to take over as the premier Call of Duty title, but many players are left
wondering about what are there plans for the 2019 game.

However, many leaks are out in open like a Markov Pistol and even a
remake of the Call of Duty 4 map Killhouse, but these are all speculations
and nothing is yet officially confirmed from any Infinity Ward officials and
now that BOCW is out and players are already liking much, it was not
confirmed what is going to happen to the game.


Fortunately, now we finally might have a hint thanks to Infinity Ward Lead Multiplayer VFX Artist Reed Shingledecker. When asked directly about the future plan and possibility of a Season 7 for Modern Warfare, the dev confirmed that more content was coming for the game in some way shape or form.

But unfortunately, he also does not have any idea about when is it going to
come out. He says, “hopes some info gets released soon so people know what’s going on.”

Modern Warfare Season 6 is about to end so there is not much time left to
announce any other upcoming season but it all depends on Infinity Ward
and we can only wait until anything officially comes out.

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