Just Chatting star Indiefoxx has called out popular streaming platform Twitch after getting banned from the platform after her hot tub stream – which she believes is an “excessive” ban.

Twitch is currently involved in a new hot tub drama which is slowly dividing the community.

This new drama is a result of Twitch rules which does not allows streamers to wear revealing clothes. However, they allow “contextual exceptions,” such as swimwear at the beach, swimming pool, or hot tub.

This Hot Tub stream has created a new wave of showing “creativity” among streamers to stand out from others.

Indiefoxx is one of those streamers. But unfortunately, today she has been banned from Twitch after her hot tub stream but it is not because of her clothes but a completely different thing and she believes that this ban on her is “excessive” and she does not deserve it.

She shared a screenshot of the e-mail she recived from Twitch which reveals the strange reason for her ban.

It revealed she was banned for “selling or attempting to sell Twitch features or services such as follows, subscriptions, hosts, etc.”

“I’m really confused? 3 days seems excessive?” she adds.

“It’s not in the community guidelines. But uhh, I didn’t do any of these? Maybe VIP for 100gifters, but That isn’t against the TOS. VIP is not a mod; it’s a vanity badge dedicated to top donors? Based on this. I’m confused.”

Twitch is yet to comment on Indiefoxx hot tub stream ban. But talking about the community, there are people who belives she deserves this ban while there are people in her support which completely denies this ban.

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