Twitch streamer Indiefoxx has been banned again in four days after writing subscribers name on her body while wearing lingerie during a live broadcast.


  • After getting unbanned on Twitch Indiefoxx has been banned again under 24 hours.
  • She thought it was a good move to write subscribers name over her body
  • The Streamer received the fastest re-ban on the platform.

The young female streamer was banned again on February 1, after being unbanned the same
day on the platform. Apparently, she wrote the names of her subscribers all over her body,
in the below video you can clearly see her writing name of her followers.

The clip was then posted to  Reddit and it went viral over there with people joking about her
trying to be a speed runner and get the title of fastest ban received on platform.

At the time of writing this article, there has been no word from either Twitch or Indie herself.
However, Twitch themselves never replies to individual cases.

The amount of time Twitch took to ban the streamer was less than three hours.

“Hey @jakenbakeLIVE thanks for getting us banned lol.” she said in a tweet.

Her last ban was on January 28 after a jacuzzi stream inn which she supposedly has broken Twitch’s rules on nudity.

“I wasn’t showing my anus on Twitch, okay?” she said. “There are other websites for that shit.”

According to the streamer, it may have been riding up and made a fold that caused it to appear that her body was showing. Regardless, it seems like Twitch felt its rules had been broken and decided to punish the entertainer.

It’s unclear if JakeNBake contributed to the original ban in any capacity, but with this second ban she’s going to have some time to sit back and think about how she approaches her broadcasts in the future.

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