Today we have “Beast boy shub” with us who is also known as “The gaming god”. We will discuss his early life, his future plans and most importantly his thoughts on making a career in E-sports.

So without further ado lets get started with the questions.

GC: How was your early life?

BeastBoyShub: My early life was really awesome I had everything I wanted I used to bunk classes and all. I grew up in the big city “Delhi” and also did my schooling from there. And I was into games since my childhood.

GC: What are your future plans on vlogging will you shift to a new channel?

BeastBoyShub: Vlogging is really not my thing but I like doing it sometimes to make some memories for future me.

I already have a vlogging channel where I do vlogging in English (RealShub)I take these Vlogs as “Memories” for the future “ME”, so if I go on a holiday or something I try to record it.

And I want to record as many vlogs as I can but I don’t go out much and uploading every single vlog on my gaming channel felt like a bad idea.

Right now how my vlogging works is that I vlog for my main channel if the content in the vlog is unique or I am doing something crazy and stuff.

I have a 2nd channel on which I sometimes upload vlogs in English showing my daily life or doing some regular funny stuff.

TBH vlogging is not my thing but I like doing it sometimes which helps me make some videos I can look back to, to remember these days. I can’t just dedicate a whole channel for vlogging because then I will lack content so I try to do different things on my 2nd channel too. 

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GC: What is the one thing you want to change about Indian Gaming Industry?

BeastBoyShub: It’s full of Negativity. Also, people should start playing different games which will encourage the audience to watch different games.

Educating the audience in the gaming category is the only way you can develop the gaming community here. 

GC: What is your take on E-sports scene and what are your plans on it?

BeastBoyShub: I am not really an E-sports guy. And I leave that for all the competitive games lovers. I am just a gamer who wants to enjoy his time playing games and making videos for his audience. 3 types of gamers:  

  • Loves competitive game and want to be a professional player to participate in E-sports tournaments.
  • Hate competitive games.
  • Loves competitive game but don’t have any interest in being professional at a particular game nor going into E-sports. Just want to have fun with the game even if they lose at it. 

Yup, I am the 3rd one.

Credit: BestBoyShub

GC: Is there any Special girl in your life?

BeastBoyShub: Not really, I am still looking for that special one. There are some female friends tho, who takes some special places I guess.

GC: Who was your motivation for starting a channel?

BeastBoyShub: There are a lot of people who motivated me but the person who kept me going in hard times was “PewDiePie”, It’s just that I can really relate to this guy.

GC: I know that your most viewed video is “Granny” but I want to ask you which video turned everything for you which video made your mind ki haan mujhey youtube pursue krna h.

BeastBoyShub: When I started making Youtube videos then I realized that this is the thing I can really do. I felt very happy about making videos on Youtube. It really felt like I can make a career on this platform. That’s the reason why I quit my when I was only having 300 subscribers. I was not enjoying my and I wanted to choose something that I really enjoy doing as my career option. But yeah, Granny game really helped my channel a lot and is one of my channel’s favourite.


GC: Why “BeastBoyShub” what’s the story?

BeastBoyShub: It was all random I didn’t ever think that I want to keep this or that it was all random.

And here we finish “in talks with Beast boy shub” let me know in the comment section whom do you want to see next and make sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you get instant update.