ImJasmine receives $2000 donation during her live stream for literally showing her toes after one viewer addressed that she has reached her donation goal to show her feet on stream.

Donations are one way for streamers to earn some money – viewers often donate a little amount to
their favourite streamers for the entertainment that they are providing. Viewers sometimes surprises
streamers with unexpectedly huge donations.

And the same happened with ImJasmine one viewer donated $2,000 to her after she set the donation
goal as the total required for her to get her feet out on stream.

The young streamer probably had quiet hopes of reaching her goal, she probably wasn’t expecting
it to come entirely from one donor. “It has to be expensive,” she said, while discussing the goal with
her chat. “Guys, I’m sorry, okay. No one’s gonna watch me after you’veseen my toes. I’m literally
gonna lose a million – everybody. Never again will you guys watch me!”

Twitch link: ImJasmine dono Goal

ImJasmine receives $2000 donation from a single viewer

After setting the target, Jasmine was at $0 raised – just like every other streamer she was just getting started and was not expecting what is coming next at all. A viewer decided they would fund it single-handedly. The user – ‘RebildTV’ – came out of nowhere to donate $2,000, much to the surprise of the streamer.

After seeing the value of the donation, Jasmine burst into laughter, and couldn’t quite contain her shock: “Oh my god! Oh my f**king god… Thank you so fricking much. Holy f**k. Oh my f**king god, okay. Everyone clap or something.”

Twitch link: Dono

After that it was time for her to keep her side of the deal and she did it obviously despite feeling
embarrassed. The donor received his reward for the genrosity.

“3, 2, 1… lift off,” Jasmine said, before turning the camera to her feet. A few teasing comments came
through, but most viewers laughed the incident off as the strange moment it was.

Twitch link: ImJasmine showing Toes

At the time of writing Jasmine has over 116,000 followers and has not lost a million follower. For more such exciting Twitch streamer news follow us on Social Media.

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