Twitch streamer and iDubbbz’s girlfriend “Anisa Jomha” is now banned on Twitch following controversy around the YouTuber.

iDubbbz is a popular content creator with over 7.9 million subscribers on YouTube. One of
the most popular content out there on his channel is cop series.

Cop series was started in 2015 where the content creator will call out other creators on the
platform for not contributing much in the community and for their unsavoury behaviour.

But, lately, the star has received a lot of hate from the fans after defending his girlfriend
Anisa Jomha.


It all started on March 9 when Anisa tweeted that she is making an another account to sell
her private photos through a subscription service.

Many of his fans accused him of ‘hypocrisy’ and making memes about him being a foolish person because he was defending his girlfriend, to which he replied back on March 28 in a
YouTube video.

In the Video titled “S*x Workers – iDubbbz complains” he says,

“A good amount of people are just doing the reasonable thing, and just making jokes and laughing about it. But there is a whole other group of people who feel personally devastated and betrayed.”

Moving on, he then addresses the people who are disappointed because he took stand for
his girlfriend, “I’m not your f**king dad. Like if you don’t want to look up to me anymore, that’s fine. I don’t want you to look up to me.”

However, this controversy also caught the eye of many big streamers like “Pewdiepie” who
returned from his break just to criticize iDubbbz for uploading videos on this topic.

Anisa Jomha banned on Twitch

Now, after weeks of this controversy, Anisa tried to get back on Twitch to start streaming
again but unfortunately, it didn’t go well, because Anisa Jomha is suddenly banned on Twitch.

The channel was banned on April 12, and the reason for this ban is still unclear and there are
many mixed views from the viewers.

Where some viewers are saying that this is because of Twitch’s new community guidelines whereas some say that this is because of the controversy.

We will notify you once the reason is clear.

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