Spending quality time with your family is essential if you want to increase your connection and bond. Having a strong relationship with your children will make your family closer, which is possible if you spend time with them when you are all free. 

Of course, you might want your children to do their own thing during some of their spare time so they can connect with friends or pursue a passion. However, it is essential to set time aside when possible to ensure you get to connect too.

If you want to know the perfect ways to have fun together as a family at the weekend, here are some great ideas.

Play online games

Due to technological advancements and the modern world becoming increasingly entertaining, it is a wise idea to offer to play online games with your children so that they are fully engaged and you can have a good time with them.

The watermelon merge game is a great strategy option if you want to create competition in the family. Offering a prize for the winner will make it more fun and entertaining, ensuring everyone gets involved.

Although you can use traditional board games to play with the children, they will likely be more engaged and want to pursue online games, which will ensure that they will spend plenty of time with you.


If your children often refuse to walk anywhere, it might be because you do not make the walking fun and adventurous.

Hiking is a fun and adventurous way to walk, and it would ensure that you and the children get plenty of exercise at the weekend as well as take in beautiful views and fresh air. You could take the children hiking to your local hills or drive an hour or so away to beautiful lakes so that you can discover new places together and spend plenty of time outside. 

Ensuring that you and the family have the right hiking equipment will ensure that you can all remain comfortable and safe throughout the hike.


Another great way to spend quality time with your family and ensure that you all get outside and have plenty of exercise is to go cycling.

Investing in family bikes will ensure that whenever you want to spend some time outside at the weekend, you can grab your bikes and go on a fun adventure.

You can cycle to town instead of driving to ensure that you will get plenty of exercise and have fun together. Or, you can go to a cycling trail and do some more exploring, which is a great way to spend your time at the weekend.


Another fun family activity to do at the weekend is camping. Whether you wish to drive 2 hours to a fun camping spot or camp in your backyard, camping is a great way to spend time outside with your children and ensure that you all feel fulfilled.

You can teach children how to live and have fun in nature for a night or two and show them the ropes when it comes to cooking outside. Children love to explore and be adventurous, so camping with them is a great way to spend the weekend away and ensure that they spend plenty of quality time with you.

Picnic in the park

Another great way to spend plenty of quality time outside with your family is to have a picnic in the park.

Picnics are ideal during the dry months, so they might not be achievable year-round. However, when the weather is dry, be sure to take advantage and take your food to the local park or field so that you and the family can have fun outside while filling up your stomachs.

Taking games as well as a picnic will encourage you and the family to spend as long as possible outside while enjoying your beautiful and tasty spread.

Head to museums

Heading to museums is a great weekend activity to pursue when the weather is wet or windy. You and the family will not want to spend time outside when the weather is miserable. Instead, your children will feel more encouraged to head to museums and have fun there, which will allow you to all spend quality time together.

Whether you have local museums or need to catch a train to head to the tourist spots across the country, you should do so, as these will enable your children to continue learning at the weekend as well as have fun.

There are plenty of museum opportunities around the country that will ensure your children stay engaged and feel encouraged to learn at the weekends. What better way to educate your children than to take them to a fun and engaging museum? 

At-home movie nights

Being tucked up and staying cozy is ideal when the weather is adverse at the weekends. Instead of spending wet and cold evenings on a campsite, you can tuck up your children at home and enjoy a movie night together.

You can allow your children to choose the movies, which will ensure they feel encouraged to spend quality time with you. Then create a spread of everyone’s favorite snacks so that you will remain sitting together while enjoying any movie that someone has chosen.

You can have a movie marathon to ensure that you all feel encouraged to stay together for the entire evening.

Beach days

During the summer, it is a great idea to head to a local beach so that all of the family can have a fun time outside together and enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

You can take games to the beach as well as snacks so that you can spend as long as possible there before heading out for an evening meal or heading home. Whether you have babies or teenagers, everyone enjoys spending time at the beach, so it is a great weekend activity to pursue when the weather permits.


Whether or not your children are old enough to bake, baking together is a great way to spend the weekend, especially when the weather is cold and miserable outside. 

If your children are toddlers, you can allow them to choose the recipe and what you bake so that they can learn some tips and, in time, start to help out in the kitchen too. If your children are old enough to bake and join in with the process, then this weekend activity will educate them and ensure that you get to spend quality time together.

Make weekend educational sessions fun and engaging

Whether your children have exams coming up or you wish to enhance their educational skills and knowledge, if you try to make weekend educational sessions fun and engaging, it will ensure that they join in.

For instance, if you play educational games that are fun and spontaneous, it will encourage your children to join in, and this will enable them to enhance their knowledge during the weekend when they are not thinking about school. It is important not to make the educational sessions boring, as this will not encourage your children to join in, and you will not be able to spend quality time together or enhance their education at the weekend. 

Using these ideas, you can ensure to spend plenty of quality time with your children at the weekend so that you can keep them entertained and ensure that you at least get some time together.