Tyler ‘Trainwrecks TV’ Niknam has released an emotional message for fans discussing his mental health post lockdown and also admits that he is “taking it easy” and do not wish to quit or take a break from streaming.


  • Tyler has been streaming non-stop since lockdown and it has raised concern about his well being in his fans.
  • He has addressed the concern and released a message saying that he has lost 52 pounds and from now he will taking it easy but won’t quit or take a break.

Twitch Streamer currently has over 1.2 million followers and he spends most of his time
streaming for them – he has turned a full time streamer.

However, he does not follow a strict schedule pattern instead he streams according to
the demands of his fans which are often at the best of times – which is quite uncomfortable.

This issue of no streaming schedule pattern has now grown to a level where fans are now
getting concerned about his well beings and it turns out that all their concerns were true.
Trainwrecks released an emotional statement describing the aftermath of lockdown on his
mental and physical health.


“To address the reason why my schedule has become erratic: I’ve realized that I’ve been in a denial of sorts,” the streamer admitted.

“Since quarantine, and especially since last November, I’ve lost 52 [pounds] streaming non-stop. It has depleted my energy levels almost completely, and I can count the number of times I have been outside since quarantine on my two hands.”

He also goes on to describe how important it is to ‘connect with nature,’ and that how
being locked inside has made him take things for granted.

“Throughout my middle school and high school years, nature was a friend that helped me push through the mental bullying I faced most days. And to have been disconnected from it for so long has weakened me. So, because of this, I have been relaxing and taking it easy.”

The streamer also stated that he will not be taking any break or quitting in any way,
instead he will just try to stream not so often as we see him.

“I do not wish to quit or take a break. I’ll just be going with the flow for a little. With that said, we will return a ‘normal’ and consistent streaming schedule soon. Love you all and hope you can understand,” he concluded.

After his tweet a lot of streamer like Ok Boomer girl Neekolul and dakotaz replied to
his tweet in support of his decision.

“Ur such a gentle giant train ;-; enjoy the sun and the beautiful sunsets <3 excited for ur return friend! But also take care of yourself!!” says Neekolul.

“man really is a wolf! you need that nature we will be here through thick or thin baby” says Dakotaz.

A Twitter user said, “Take as long as you [Trainwrecks] need domie we’ll be waiting”.
while other commented “Your true fans want you to be at your best mental health possible, not risking your sanity providing entertainment for us. Get well Train.”

All these tweets in support of him shows that just how caring the community is
towards each other.

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