Alistair ‘Ali-A’ Aiken shows viewers how to use unreleased ‘Heavy Assault Rifle’ in Fortnite Chapter 2.

Epic Games has always kept its audience both busy and entertained with new updates rolling out from time to time.

On November 20, 2019 data miners leaked Epic Games plan of implementing 2 new rifles in Fortnite chapter 2.

And one of the two unreleased rifles is Heavy Assault Rifle

Unreleased Heavy Assault Rifle

But none of these guns is new instead they are just the revamped version of previous Fortnite guns.

Ali-A shows how to use the unreleased heavy assault rifle

Ali-A showed his audience how to get hands-on the Heavy Assault Rifle.

YouTuber stated: Weapons are already available in Creative mode and were added to the games file a while back.

He said:

“A month ago or so Fortnite added into the game an unreleased weapon, which is basically a re-skin of a weapon we already had, except it had been changed slightly,” he said, before explaining how fans could get their hands on it.

How to use Heavy Assault Rifle

“It turned out if you had that original weapon in your creative mode you could actually bring it back into the map and use it now unreleased,” he said before actually using the gun by himself.

He also compared the newer and older versions of the weapons, he mentioned new changes that are made to the gun.

Which seemed like along with getting a new skin and look weapons also got some adjustments.

The release date of both these rifles are still unknown but if the gun is available now means we are soon going to be able to play with it in live servers soon.

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