There is a new trick going viral in the Apex Legends community with Octane’s launch pad giving players the ability to move in any direction and here is how you can pull this trick.

Because of its unique and high-paced abilities Octane is one of the most played legends of the game,
however, one player has gone one step ahead of others and found a new way to use his Launch Pad
which makes him even more irritating for enemies.

Octane’s launch pad is a big treat for creative players – creating multiple tricks of their own to make
the legend stand out from others and this new trick is even more amazing.


The credit or owner of this trick is u/Dailivel who in a Reddit video explains that it is possible to change
direction of Octane’s jump pad movement and it is doable with every angle of approach.

Why is this viral?

Earlier players were only able to jump in a straight line having no control of direction but this tricks
gives them the control of direction to land wherever they want to and surprise their enemies.

Players can trigger this trick by a strange interaction with the Apex Legends melee animation, players
can also launch themselves backwards according to the need of situation.

How to move in any direction using Octane’s Launch Pad

Just follow the steps below to give yourself the control of direction.

  1. Load into an Apex Legends game with Octane.
  2. Place Octane’s Launch Pad on the ground when it is available.
  3. Stand right next to the jump pad and press the melee button to start the punch animation.
  4. During this animation, simply move onto the launch pad and push in the direction you want to fly.

This trick won’t work if you jump, slide, or run onto the pad, and you’ll be sent forward as normal.
To trigger this trick just simply stand, melee, then select the direction.

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