Gold Bars is the new currency added in Fortnite Season 5 and here is a step-by-step guide to unlock these Gold bars to buy weapons and upgrades for them.

Fortnite’s past season was full of Marvel superheroes and villains but Fortnite is back again with a new
season and new main character for players to defeat, Agent Jones brings together the world’s greatest hunters – including The Mandalorian.

Along with The Mandalorian, there is a bunch of updates which includes a new area “crystalline sands”
and a lot of NPCs which will give you quests and bounties. These NPCs can also become your allies or get
intel on the surrounding area but you need to pay them something and what is that? Gold Bars!


What are Gold Bars in Fortnite?

Gold Bars is the new form of currency introduced in Fortnite and there is still no confirmation on whether
they are here to stay or just a part of this season.

Gold Bars can be used to upgrade your weapons, purchase new guns, or even hire NPCs as your own
personal bodyguards. But how good they are, only time can tell if these NPCs are useful allies or just a tag
along, but it’s a nice addition to the game, especially as players are starting to like NPCs.

Epic Games described the new Gold Bars in a statement, which said: “Earn bars by completing quests and bounties, eliminating players, or finding hidden stashes around the island. Spend your earned bars on new exotic weapons, upgrades, intel, services and more.”

How to unlock Gold Bars in Fortnite Season 5?

The only way to get these Gold Bars as of now is to complete quests and bounties from NPCs on The Island.

The another way which is not so easy is to take out players who have already completed the quests or
bounties, on elimination they will drop their hard earned Gold Bars which you can pick up. There will
also be hidden stashes placed around The Island, which you will get to know very soon on Gamecheckup.

We will keep updating you with any more Fortnite tricks or news.