Deadpool’s X-Force Variant skin is finally unlockable in Fortnite by completing Week 9 Challenge, here is a quick guide on how to unlock X-Force Variant skin For Deadpool.

It seems like Fortnite is having a Deadpool theme Season going on, because the last couple
of week’s challenges were full of Deadpool stuffs as a reward.

In the last two week challenges, we got chances to get our hands on Marvel’s antihero
Deadpool’s original costume and his famous Double handgun.

And it seems like Fortnite is not getting over it soon because the week 9 challenges also
contains a new Deadpool X-Force variant skin for players.

How to unlock Deadpool X-Force Variant skin

The X-Force white variant comes with two kinds of costumes one without the face mask and
other with the face mask – just like original Deadpool skin.

Two of the week 9 challenges requires players to find his short’s and also salute his pants –
(which is quite funny).

Fortnite Deadpool Week 9 Challenges

Finding his shorts is pretty simple you just need to get into Mida’s room by selecting him in
the Agents tab, and once you have entered the room you will find Deadpool’s shorts hanging
over the Chair right next to him.

The second task is also very simple and pretty easy, his pants are used as a flag post in the game and you just have to find it and use your salute emote in front of it.

Now, where to find these pants?

Well, there are two locations added in the game update one is at Mount Kay and another can found on a roof in Sweaty Sands, So you now have the locations of both these pants.


However, you just need to ‘Salute’ anyone of them for the task.

After the completion of both these tasks, you will be automatically rewarded with Deadpool’s X-Force variant skin which can be found inside your locker.

Anyhow, it is unclear if this would be Deadpool’s last challenges because according to intel
Deadpool theme will expire on April 30 with Season 2, but recently Epic Games announced
that they will be extending there Season 2, so the exact date is still unknown.

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