In this short article, we will explain how you can unlock Captain America in Marvel Midnight Suns and fight against other Marve universe characters.

Marvel Midnight Suns give you the ability to play almost every superhero from the Marvel universe.

As you progress through the main narrative, you can complete quests and challenges to improve your hero’s skills and make them more powerful. You can also unlock new heroes in the game.

However, most of the heroes from the universe aren’t hard to come by, but there is one particular Avenger that every player is wanting to try out but is having trouble getting hold of.

Captain America is not only the most popular hero in the game but also one of the most difficult to unlock.

Most of the players are finding it difficult to unlock him and are lacking a big potential hero in their team.

In this step-by-step guide, we will cover how you can unlock Captain America in the Marvel Midnight Suns.

A step-by-step guide to unlock Captain America in Marvel Midnight Suns

As mentioned above, Captain America is one of the most reliable tank heroes in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

It’s incredibly reliable when you start leveling up your cards and is one of the must-haves as you get closer to the endgame.

You can follow these instructions to unlock him:

  • In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, you will come across some assembly missions as you progress through the story. Captain America will not be unlocked until you continue playing the game because he is locked behind progression.
  • One challenge to unlocking Captain America is the mission itself, which isn’t exactly straightforward. As you go up against Crossbones and his goons in the Stark Tower, you will face off against Crossbones.
  • Since not every hero on your roster will be able to handle these enemies, choosing which hero to bring with you on this mission is the challenge. In this aspect, many members of the community are facing difficulties in completing the mission.
  • Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ Some Assembly Required mission is highly recommended for Iron Man. As a result, you will be able to defeat Crossbones and his team quickly because Iron Man and Captain America’s abilities synergize so well.
  • Combined with Roger’s innate tankiness, Starks’ DPS and AOE skills will make the fight significantly easier. This way, your hunter can be on healing duty throughout the mission.

Once you defeat Crossbones and complete the mission, you can automatically unlock Captain America. Once you unlock it, you can use it at your party. To do this, go to the group settings and swap them.

Captain America is one of the most reliable tanks in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. His ability to absorb a large amount of damage helps him stand out from the other heroes in the game.

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