In this short article, we will help you solve the clock tower door puzzle in the latest Hogwarts Legacy game.

A large deal of your time with the Hogwarts Legacy will be spent solving the various magical mysteries placed throughout Hogwarts castle and its environs. This tutorial includes empty frame puzzles, Airthmenacy doorways with animal symbols, and the clock tower doorway puzzle.

Hogwarts Legacy includes lots of riddles that challenge players, such as many butterfly puzzles and Airthmancy doors.

Nonetheless, Hogwarts Castle also offers several less obvious obstacles, which are accurately designated as Hogwarts Secrets in the game.

One of these Hogwarts mysteries is buried in the clock tower’s doorway and takes both intuition and a keen eye to solve the problem. However, if you’re having trouble to solve the clock Tower Door Puzzle, this guide will walk you through it step by step.

Guide to solve the Clock Tower’s mechanical door puzzle


To complete this quiz, students must first have access to Arresto Momentum. Arresto Momentum is a spell that slows the movement of an object or enemy and may be obtained by completing Madame Kogawa’s Quest 2.

Next, proceed to the clock tower in Hogwarts’ south wing. The Clock Tower should be familiar to players because it is the location of the Crossed Wands Duel Club.

Students will most likely notice a door on the clock tower’s ground floor with a metal door in front that occasionally opens and closes. This metal gate is actually timed by a swinging pendulum, and there are three other gates like it on the clock tower.

These doors can be opened by stopping the pendulum’s movement with the Arresto Momentum at the appropriate time. Pupils only need to know when to stop the pendulum and which door to open at the appropriate time.

How to open the four doors in the Clock Tower?

The four doors can be opened in any sequence, but it is easiest to work from top to bottom. As a result, the door on the top floor will be referred to as the first door, while the door on the ground floor will be referred to as the fourth door.

As players ascend the Clock Tower using the stairs on either side of the entryway, they should observe a metal bar with symbols lining the course of the pendulum.

The symbol on the far right corresponds to the first door, while the symbol on the far left corresponds to the fourth door.

The right symbol matches the first door, while the left matches the second door.
The left symbol matches the fourth door while the right matches the third.

Just cast Arresto Momentum while the Pendulum’s bar overlaps with the relevant symbol for each door from here.

Each door will give the following reward:

  • First door – Random Legendary gear piece
  • Second door – Fwooper Statue conjuration
  • Third door – Disillusionment chest (500 Galleons)
  • Fourth door – Huge Decorated Table conjuration

After opening all four chests, students should complete one of the Solving Hogwarts Secrets challenges and obtain an item from the Challenges tab in the pause menu.

That’s all Hogwarts witches and wizards need to know about completing the Clock Tower’s door conundrum in Hogwarts Legacy! Further tips and tricks can be found in our other Hogwarts Legacy guides, which can be found below:

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