Riot Games has announced its FPS Tite Valorant Closed Beta release date, regions and
how you can play the game, in this article we have covered everything you need to know.

Valorant has been quite a hot topic around the E-sports community since Riot Games released its Alpha mode.

Now, In the past couple of weeks, the hype has been really high, many streamers are eagerly waiting for the release, some streamer like ‘Pokimane’ says that Valorant is going to kill
‘Overwatch’ and dominate the FPS genre.

Now Valorant has officially announced their closed beta and here is how you can play the game.

When is Valorant’s closed beta releasing?

Valorant closed beta is going to be released on Tuesday, April 7, 2020.

According to them, the beta version of the game will be around for only a short period of
time until they get the additional regions live.


They also made sure that in-case they receive a lot of bad reviews from the players they will
re-evaluate everything.

Is Valorant’s closed beta coming to my region?

As for now, Riot Games are releasing their beta version for only a couple of regions because
of all the tragedy going on in the world.

The regions that will have access to Valorant’s closed beta are: Canada, Europe, Russia, Turkey, and the United States.


But, they have made a promise to get other regions online as soon as possible.

How do I register for Valorant’s closed beta?

For the registration part, you need to link your Riot Games account to your Twitch account.

According to them, Players will need to tune in into specific ‘Valorant Streams’ which will
highlight on Twitch.

For the offline region players Anna Donlon said:

“We want to engage with players as globally as possible, as quickly as possible; so we’ll ramp up our player count as much as we can to test our infrastructure, but we won’t be letting everyone play test Valorant until we’re absolutely sure we can handle it in this newly-uncertain environment.”

How can I play Valorant’s closed beta?

In order to play Valorant’s closed beta all you have to do is follow these three steps:

  1. Register for a Riot account (if you haven’t already done so) here.
  2. Link your Riot account to your Twitch account here.
  3. When the beta goes live in your region, watch specific Valorant streams (which will be highlighted on Twitch) for the opportunity to be entitled for closed beta access.

What are Valorant Points?

Valorant points are the in-game currency, and they will be available during the closed beta run which means the stores will be fully functional.

“At full launch, we will give you all of your Valorant Points back, with an additional 20% bonus as a thanks for engaging with our work-in-progress skins and store,” they said.

In the press release developers also mentioned that the gameplay will not be the same as in close beta.

“Valorant’s current gameplay state may very well change come launch, and it’s better that everyone’s progress begins at the same starting line.” – they said.

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