Windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft and there is no better place for gaming other than PC. But, Windows 10 has a lot of useless default apps which can disturb your gaming experience. So here I am to tell you “How to Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming?”

So, without any further ado let’s get started.

How to Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming?

1. Game Mode


Windows 10 itself comes with a game mode.

It basically stops unnecessary background apps and forces windows to not download any update while gaming.

This is the official help from Microsoft for Gamers.

Now, How to enable Game Mode in Windows 10 follow these steps:

  1. Press Windows Key + I
  2. Type game mode
  3. Click on “Control Game mode for optimizing your pc for games
  4. Select Game mode and Turn it on

2. Turn off Steam Auto Updates

Steam always keeps downloading games updates in the background while you play games.

So you need to stop Steam from doing so.

To turn off Steam Auto Updates follow these steps.

  1. Open Steam
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select Downloads
  4. Then Turn Off Auto Updates

3. Change Windows 10 Power Plan for Gaming


Changing Power Plan in Windows 10 can boost up your gaming performance, not much but still every bit matters.

To Change Windows 10 Power plan follow these steps

  1. Press Windows Key + Q
  2. Type Power Plan
  3. Select “Choose a Power Plan
  4. Select “Create a Power Plan
  5. Choose “High Performance

4. Change Windows 10 Visual Effect Settings


There are many visual effects which can be appealing to you.

But, it is harmful to your gaming and you are here to know “How to optimize windows 10 for gaming?”

So, just cut some of them.

To change Windows 10 Visual effect Settings follow these steps

  1. Press Windows Key + I
  2. Type Performance
  3. Select Adjust the appearance performance of Windows
  4. Choose Adjust for Best Performance

After doing this your desktop is going to look like shit.

So to make it a little bit better Keep these settings checked.

  1. Show thumbnails instead of Icon
  2. Show Window content while dragging
  3. Smooth edges of screen fonts

5. Update GPU Drivers

Always keep your GPU Drivers updated.

Because Windows 10 is not good at taking care of your GPU Drivers.

And having an outdated GPU can cause a disturbance in gameplay.

6. Use an SSD for Gaming

Playing on HDD (Hard Disk Drive) can be a bad idea as HHD is slower than SSD.

Install your games on SSD it will help the game run faster and smoother and will also increase the gaming performance.

7. Directx 12

Always keep your Directx updated.

It is one of the crucial steps to Optimize Windows 10 for gaming.

To check if you have latest Directx installed or not follow these steps

  1. Press Windows Key + I
  2. Type “dxdiag” without quotation marks
  3. Select Windows Update
  4. Check for Updates

So that is all on “How to optimize windows 10 for gaming” I hope it has helped you.

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