One of the Snapshot missions in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 involves players using Aura’s map to locate a Chalice. The quest is challenging, but this guide will assist you in completing it fast and efficiently.

The WILDS biome is a refreshing change of scenery for seasoned Fortnite players. The lush vegetation, winding rivers, and towering trees create a challenging and exciting gameplay experience.

The new weapons and items, such as the automatic shotgun and the chug cannon, add a layer of strategy to the game, forcing players to adapt their playstyle and approach to each encounter. But the biggest addition to the game this season is the introduction of NPCs (non-playable characters), who offer quests and bounties to players. This new element adds a new dimension to the game, allowing players to interact.

Players have been trekking into the deep jungle and old ruins since the seasonal update’s release, employing their new array of weapons and mechanics, such as the ability to wield Grind Vines.

In addition, a series of tasks that correspond to the narrative of this season have been introduced and must be accomplished by players to earn XP and move along their Battle Pass.

Snapshot Quests is a quest series run by Aura, the Island’s newest NPC and a notorious gold thief. Players must retrieve a Chalice with enough dark powers to instantly level the entire island and deliver it to Aura for the island to remain safe.

Here’s how you can locate the Chalice easily in Fortnite using Aura’s map.

Locate the Chalice using Aura’s map on the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 island

chalice-location-in-fortnite-chapter-4-season-3-island (1)

The Snapshot Quests are a new questline with four sections. The mission begins with players stealing field notes about the chalice, presenting them to Aura, and then investigating and bringing evidence of Petroglyphs embedded in rocks to the NPC.

 Overall, the Snapshot Quests involve a series of tasks related to uncovering information about the chalice and its history. The first section involves stealing field notes and presenting them to Aura, while the second section involves investigating and providing evidence of Petroglyphs. There are two more sections to the questline, but they are not mentioned in the user’s input.

After completing the first three, you’ll unlock the fourth, which also has three stages and whose ultimate objective is to deliver the Chalice of Cubetastrophe to Aura on the island.


The first step is to report to Aura and confirm your acceptance of the task. Upon interaction, the NPC will tell you to bring extra gold bars and use the map next to her to find the Chalice. When you interact with the map, you’ll get a prompt indicating that the Chalice is located where “Anvil Square once stood.”

Open the Fortnite map and look for the magnifying glass icon to find the Chalice. When you arrive, you’ll discover a destroyed temple with stairs and a secret entrance. Enter the secret chamber by following the arrow in the image above.

As you walk inside the room, you will locate a pedestal that will prompt you to offer 100 Gold Bars in order to reveal the Chalice. However, you will be granted 20,000 XP as soon as you enter the room.


After laying 100 Gold Bars on the pedestal, the Chalice will be revealed, and you can pick it up to complete the quest and gain an additional 40,000 XP. If you approach the Chalice while wearing a male or female skin, you will be transformed into Oro or Orelia.

 Their unique abilities will allow you to access new areas and complete previously impossible tasks. Oro, with his brute strength, can break through walls and lift heavy objects, while Orelia’s agility and speed allow her to jump higher and run faster.

However, be careful when choosing which skin to wear, as once transformed, you cannot switch back until the end of the quest. Additionally, beware of the enemies that lurk in the new areas you can access with Oro or Orelia, as they are tougher and more dangerous than those you faced before.

Gather the Chalice, then return to Aura’s location to hand it over to the NPC and finish the Snapshot Quest. Upon completion, you will be instantly awarded XP and the quest progress will be marked as complete in the game’s Quests Tab.

So there you have it – that’s everything you need to know about finding the Chalice in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 with Aura’s map!