Live streaming has become one of the most popular income sources to many gamers and it has grown rapidly in recent years. But, everyone is not blessed with a good internet connection. So, here I am to show you the best OBS settings to Livestream with Slow Internet.

So, without further ado let’s get started

Although the internet is cheaper in many countries around the globe, still there are some rural areas where internet speed is not at that good to do a Livestream.

Firstly, let’s clear the basic things you need to know before live streaming.

For this article, I am going to use OBS Streaming Software.

It is one of the most popular and most used streaming software.

Next, to stream at the good quality you need:

  1. 3mbps – 3.5mbps upload speed to stream at 1080p
  2. 1.8mbps – 2.5mbps upload speed to stream at 720p
  3. 0.90mbps – 1.20mbps upload speed to stream at 420p

So, in this article, I am going to consider that you have at least 1.2mbps of upload speed.

How to Live stream with Slow Internet?


#1: Check your internet speed

To check your internet speed head over to speedtest and check your upload speed.

If you have somewhere between 1mbps to 2mbps you are good to go but if you have below 1mbps or 0.80mbps do not worry these methods will also work for you.

But, in case you have less than 0.70mbps then you can do only two things try out these settings or Comment down your upload speed and I will try to find a fix for your speed.

#2 Download OBS Studio

Head over to official OBS Studio website and Download OBS Studio.

#3 Open OBS Studio and follow these steps


Step1: Add a “Scene” if you do not have a scene in the scenes section.

To do that click on the ‘+’ icon at the bottom of the scene section and name your scene and press ok.

Step 2: Add “Game Capture” in the sources section.

To do that click on the ‘+’ icon at the bottom of the sources section and select Game Capture.

You can add different captures from the menu according to your need.

Game Capture does not detect some games and in that case, you can use Display Capture.

So, now coming to the actual settings to help you Livestream with slow internet.

Settings for OBS to Livestream at Slow internet

Step3: Click on Settings > Stream

In this tab, you need to select a streaming platform where you are going to stream.

So, here I am using Twitch as my streaming platform.

Then, select the server closest to where you live.

After that Paste your Stream Key in the stream key section.

If you do not know how to get your stream key, simply click on the “link” next to Stream key.

It will help you to find stream key for your Live stream.

*Never share your stream key with others*

Output Settings for Livestream


Step4: Open Output Tab > Change Output Mode to Advance.

In Output > Streaming section do these changes.

  1. Change Audio Track to 1
  2. Select x264 as Encoder
  3. Check “Enforce streaming service encoder settings”
  4. Uncheck Rescale Output
  5. Change Rate Control to CBR
  6. Adjust Bitrate to your best bitrate
  7. Uncheck “Use custom Buffer Size”
  8. Keep Keyframe at 5 or auto
  9. Change CPU usage preset to between UltraFast to Fast but not less than that or you will End up causing your PC lag
  10. Change Profile to Main
  11. Select Fast decode in Tune section
  12. Click Apply

To find your specific Bitrate follow this step

> Copy your upload speed * 1000

In Output > Audio > Select Track 1 Audio Bitrate to 160

Audio Settings for lag-free live streaming


Step5: Move to Audio Menu > Change Sample Rate to your Mic Audio Rate

To find your Mic Audio Rate for Live stream Do as Follows:

Click on “Volume” icon in the taskbar > Select Sounds > Your active Microphone > Advanced

here you can see your audio bitrate written as something like 44100hz.

> Click Apply

Step6: Move to Video Menu > Change Base Resolution to your Monitor Resolution

> Change Output Resolution

*This is the Resolution on which your Audience will watch your stream*

To find your very own Output Resolution do as follows:

Go to > Twitch Encoding > Select resolution according to your bitrate

Here you will be able to see many resolutions divided on the basis of Bitrate which we calculated earlier so select the resolution which suits your bitrate.

> Change Downscale Filter to Bilinear

> Select 30 as Common FPS value

> Click Apply

Step6: Move to Advanced Menu > Change Process priority to Above Normal

> Select Color Format > NV12

> Change YUV colour Space > 709

> Range > Full

> Click Apply and Ok

I hope this will helo you Livestream with slow internet if you have any other issues let me know in the comment section.

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